Our Vision

Vision, Issues, & Values

Cirios sardine factory in Porto Ercole has been inactive for almost 40 years. With the best location in this beautiful Tuscan town, the view has been disturbed by an old fallow factory.

An idea hatched to convert this into something worthy of Porto Ercole. Who draws tourists and who raises the village’s status further.
Qarlbo s.r.l acquired the factory and the plot in 2016. Thereafter, we have sketched and drawn on various proposals to create an attraction in the form of a resort hotel. Unfortunately, the surface of the plot and the limitation of allowed volume and heights limits the opportunity to get enough space (rooms) to be able to be profitable. However, with a combination of the planned Marina, the investment could still be implemented.

At the moment we do not have building permits for the construction of the hotel or concession for the Marina, but Qarlbo s.r.l is determined to try to get through both of these in spring 2018. The alternative is that the hotel will not turn off, as construction costs due to the situation are very high while the 66 the rooms are too few to provide adequate returns. 

But with an international hotel integrated with a marina, it can work. Our ambition with the Marina is to maintain a high level of service and good accessibility, with integrated service from the hotel.

We are convinced that a year-round open international hotel with high quality in the heart of Porto Ercole, can develop the entire village. Even the Marina will generate new guests to the village. There will be more people who frequent restaurants, bars and shops. More local people get the opportunity to work, not just through the hotel. Guests and competition will raise the common quality with improved profitability.

We have also acquired land in connection with the entry to Porto Ercole, taking into account the traffic logistics of the city today and beyond. Our goal is to establish an entry parking and shuttle service to the village with electric cars.

In other words, the whole of Monte Argentario will benefit from this venture.

Our Vision

Vision, Issues, & Values

What: Fabriqa is a destination in a destination, built from the ruins of an old Italian Fish Factory in the iconic setting of Porto Ercole, located in the lush Mediterranean coast of Tuscany: the cradle of the Italian Language, Culture and Renaissance. 

How: Through indigenous experiences and authentic culinary delights that tell the Tuscan story, matched with an array of moments that stimulate and relax your body and mind: the Fabriqa experience will be memorable. 

Why: When you experience Fabriqa, you awaken your body and mind and leave enriched with unexpected Tuscan surprises captured in a collection of fond memories. 

Fabriqa Hotel will be known for its understated luxury and authentic Tuscan Experience. What is our definition of understated luxury?

  • Our guests will experience a highly personalized level of service, however always with a genuine, authentic discreet style.
  • We will welcome our guests as if they are at “home”: get to know their needs, passions points and interests.
  • We will be able to anticipate their needs and always try to offer an extra personal touch at every encounter.
  • Every encounter will be a ”moment of truth” where the Fabriqa Values and Style will come to life
  • Understated luxury will also be defined by the elegant, discreet design of Fabriqa and by the high- quality furniture and fittings: quality is embedded in every detail but will not “show off”.