Qarlbo Associates owns and operates several hotels and restaurants in Stockholm. 

Qarlbo, Pop House, HasseLbacken & Cirkus

Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Qarlbo AB invests within the financial sector, with a passion for sustainability, entertainment and development. Its subsidiary Qarlbo s.r.l., which is solely owned by the Jonsson Family, operates in Italy and owns the property where The Hotel will be built. 

Qarlbo AB is the owner of Pop House Entertainment Group, PEG, together with Björn Ulvaeus, original member of ABBA. PEG includes ABBA London 2022, a digital reunion of ABBA where they perform new original songs for the first time in 40 years. 

PEG also invested in Mamma Mia! the Party, a spectacular live show performed while guests eat, drink and celebrate their favourite ABBA songs. Today you can enjoy the MMtP in Gothenburg and London, but MMtP will in the near future open up around the world.

In Stockholm, PEG, has several hotels and restaurants located on the island of Djurgården. Here, you will find the iconic Stockholm landmarks, Hotel Hasselbacken and Cirkus, a historical arena for live events, as well as the world-known ABBA The Museum. Djurgården is a beautiful location in the heart of the city and is one of the main tourist attractions in Stockholm with more than ten museums, amusement parks, outdoor parks, a zoo, and much more.

PEG is also developing Space, a digital culture center that brings the largest online communities together. Space is transforming an area of 7,500 sqm in the epicenter of Stockholm to become Europe’s largest eSport and gaming venue. Space will together with the Tim Bergling Foundation host The Avicii Experience, a tribute museum opening in 2021. Avicii Experience will be an immersive interactive exhibition that will bring its visitors closer to the artist Avicii and the person Tim Bergling.

Qarlbo is investing in real estate through 3E Property where it’s focusing in three property sectors; Elderly Care, Entertainment and Education. The Elderly Care sector owns Silver Life, elderly care homes with a modern outlook, that offers excellent accommodation and flexibility for its members, a silver lining to life.

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In 2012 the Jonsson family spent their first summer in Porto Ercole and after that they bought and renovated an old villa on the island. Then they discovered the old factory with the amazing location and view by the sea in Porto Ercole. The family decided to acquire the building and the plot and started the process of building a hotel on the site. Since the purchase of the building, the project has engaged with architects, engineers, hotel logistics experts and designers to plan for an optimal hotel experience. The response from the residents in Porto Ercole has been very positive and supportive. They appreciate what a high-quality hotel would mean for the village and the municipality long term with increased tourism, more permanent jobs, more visitors to local restaurants, bars and shops.

FAMILY values


  • We will offer a welcoming and warm atmosphere with a generous, humble and welcoming feeling.
  • What Excirio offers should be something that we all can feel proud of.
  • Everything we do should be as environmentally friendly as possible to secure sustainability.
  • We should offer a place for health, wellness with an innovative approach.
  • We should always show respect for; guests, employees, business partners, authorities and all other stakeholders by being open and transparent.
  • For a business to be sustainable it must be profitable. For that to be secured it is important that everyone involved; take initiatives, take responsibility and make decisions with a holistic perspective to secure long-term prosperity.

 /The Jonsson Family